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There’s this misconception in the world of not-yet-vegans that in order to be a vegan/hero for animals you have to shed all your worldly goods, invest in a lifetime supply of millet and head to the streets (or social networking pages) to denounce the crimes of others like eating too much soy or eating vegan products that are too much like animal products and therefore killing the idea of chickens or something. But here’s the thing – if you really want to save real animals not the idea of them – you have at least one chance a day to cast a vote for compassionate living in this consumer based society we’ve found ourselves in. By supporting products that don’t have animal sourced ingredients and giving them a chance to replace their villainous peers on grocery store shelves all over the world… we can save actual animals**, make cruelty-free living more accessible and convenient and enjoy wonderful tour de forces like Coconut Bacon and Cashew Cheeses. Everyone wins when vegans support vegan products!

This page is where you’re going to be able to find recipes and reviews that shine a spotlight on our favorite products and ingredients that are out and about saving animals by being awesome! Just click on the photo of the product you’re curious about in the slide show above. This page is scheduled to be updated by April 1st 2015. Please be sure and check back!

Please email us at [email protected]  if you have a cruelty-free product that you would like us to review.