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Vegan Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Ranch Dressing & A Gardein Contest! Damn.


*This Contest is Closed*

The word “Epic” and “Legendary” are used a little too liberally these days. To paraphrase Louis CK  – if you use words like “Amazing” to describe a basket of fried food – you’re setting yourself up for a pretty mediocre life. This is a bad habit I’m guilty of. I mean I’m like a shameless serial offender of painting the world “Amazing”. So one of my New Years Resolutions is stop being lazy with my language. I think this might be harder than reducing salt, sugar and caffeine in life. Days like today  make it borderline impossible. See – Today is officially Good News Monday!

Here’s a bit of good news that happened this weekend : A blogger in China helped rescue over 1,000 dogs who were on a truck in route to a slaughterhouse. In the animal rights movement we don’t get to hear happy stories everyday. It can make you feel helpless and overwhelmed a lot of the time. So this is a story I’m going to file away for bad days. There is always hope and our actions matter.

Here’s some good news that’s happening right now! We’re partnering with Gardein this week for an epic contest! We’re going to be giving away 2 coupons for a Free Gardein Product of Your Choice! To win just leave a comment below telling us which 2 Gardein products you’re going to get and what you’re going to make with them. Then we’ll randomly choose ONE Comment from a Member and send that Member your coupons!

We’re choosing randomly so you can be yourself. In other words, we won’t judge if you’re stocking up on their burgers and plan to eat them all in one sitting. In fact, that actually sounds kinda impressive. Sorry folks you have to live in the United States to win. You also have to be a member so we can contact you later to send you your feast! If you’re not already a member, you can find the button to join in the right hand column. We’ll be choosing the winner on Friday January 27th.

In prime Betty Crocker fashion we’re including in this post the recipe for one of our favorite Gardein Products : Buffalo Wings! These little sliders are more than just tasty and easy. They’re the right amount of spicy and give you a great excuse to make a huge batch of vegan Ranch dressing. These little sliders are perfect for Super Bowl Sunday or can make a snowy Thursday night a little less chilly.

I hope you love these little buddies as much as we do and good luck with the contest! May the odds be ever in your favor!

Vegan Buffalo Slider with Ranch Dressing

(I feel a little weird calling this a recipe – it’s a bit more like an ingredient combo)


Spray your favorite cast iron skillet with a heavy coating of Olive Oil Cooking Spray and heat over a medium heat. Once your skillet is hot, toss in your Vegan Chicken pieces, but not the sauce yet. Cook your Vegan Chicken in your skillet until it’s golden brown on both sides. Then add the Buffalo Sauce from the Gardein package and some Liquid Smoke. Continue to cook your Vegan Chicken in the Buffalo Sauce until it reduces a little and the sauce is bubbling.


While your cooking your Vegan Chicken, make your Vegan Ranch Dressing using this recipe.

Now you’re ready to make your sliders! You can make them one at a time or bust them out assembly line style. Just put down some diced Celery, then top with Buffalo Chicken (getting a lot of sauce on there) and drizzle your Vegan Ranch Dressing over the top. Put the top on your slider and enjoy!
* And that’s Amazing!

54 thoughts on “Vegan Buffalo Chicken Sliders with Ranch Dressing & A Gardein Contest! Damn.”

  • Yum! i think I might change my dinner plans just to eat these!

    As for the coupons, I love the Gardein Beefless tips. I'd make a pretty mean vegan potroast out of them!

    Second, I'd get the chicken fingers. I'd just eat those as a snack. Because they are super yummy!

  • I am hopelessly in love with the beef tips. I would probably try to make something I never have before. Maybe a pot pie.

    As for the other “flavor” I would probably get one I haven't tried yet. Gardein has been posting some amazing recipes on their Facebook page lately.

    Though I do like Kristin's answer…chik'n parm….dangit, now I'm hungry!

  • Dude why not just make these?

    I have been wanting to try the newish burgers. I have heard good things. Honestly it would be a hard choice I haven't had a bad gardein product, though the prices are high for the amount you get.

  • After 21 days of no gluten on the Crazy Sexy Diet, I can finally have gluten again today. Horray for getting to eat Gardein again!! If I were the lucky winner, I'd pick the burgers (because they're the best in the world) and the buffalo wings (and make your sandwich!).

  • I would get the Buffalo Wings IF my local store carried them… since they don't I'd get the Beefless Beef Tips and Chicken Tenders.. yummy!!!!!!!

  • I'd get two bags of the buffalo wings, it's the ONLY thing I miss about eating meat. I also haven't tried Gardein, so this would be a great opportunity!

  • Well, I am making these tonight – dinner solved!

    I would buy a bag of Beefless Tips for Guinness Stew and also a bag of the Chick'n Scallopini for Chick'n Parmesan! Gardein is spectacular!

  • I'd get a bag of the Buffalo Wings so I could make your awesome sounding Sliders with them and use the other coupon for either the Ultimate Beef Sliders (since I'm lazy and could prepare (& eat) these with minimal effort) or Ultimate Beefless Burger and make vegan bacon cheese burgers (using Lightlife Smart Bacon and Daiya Cheddar).

  • I've never heard of the buffalo wings! So of course I would get them. Make hot n spicy buffalo wings with ranch dressing and the whole 9 yards. I'd also pick up their chicken strips since they were my favorite food when I was little (not kidding). Love me some gardein!

  • Definitely the beef-less tips for Irish stew. As for the second choice, it would be a tossup between the chick'n Tenders or the Chicken Tuscan breasts. I haven't tried either of them yet, so it would be something new!

  • I would get the chick'n strips and put them in my fettuccini alfredo dish for a delicious meatless version and for the second dish I would get the beefless burger crumble it up & mix in taco seasoning, add kidney beans and make my famous “meatless american tacos toppped with fresh tomatoes lettuce & cheese!! mm yummy!! I love my gardien products, thanks for all the fresh & yummy ideas & twists on our frozen veggie/vegan products.

  • Oh Man!..there are so many great products and choices of what to make! For these two choices I would probably get the Tur'y Cutlets and rock a dynamite Turk'y Francase with lots of lemon and capers. For Dish #2 I would get the chick'n strips and make some Fajitas just jam packed with sauteed onions and peppers, some fresh green chili, lime, and lots of fresh veggies and maybe a little Daiya Vegan Cheese too.
    Debbie Chioffe
    [email protected]

  • I think i'd get the seven grain crispy tenders and make a real southern meal with mashed potatoes, collard greens, cornbread stuffing and of course vegan gravy! For my second product, I would get the burger because ive heard so much about it! I hope I win!! 🙂

    Selena Bonner
    [email protected]

  • I would buy the Scallopini to make (again) Skinny “Chicken” Tikka Masala and the beefless tips to make (again!) “beef” with broccoli. I LOVE GARDEIN SO MUCH.

  • I was flipping through the site and I thought the beefless sliders looked DELICIOUS. I'm going to get them and fill them up with tomatoes and onions and maybe even some vegan bbq sauce, bake some potato slices for fries, and FEAST!!! I'm also going to get either the sweet and tangy bbq wings or the ultimate beefless burger patties. If I get the patties, I'll slice them up and cook them in marinara sauce and serve over pasta..yummmmmm.

    I have to say, I am so glad that a non-meat meat line has come out in major grocery stores. It's about.damn.time. I am so excited to try all of these foods!

  • I'd get the chipotle lime chick'n tenders which are amazingly good. I'd also get the beef tips, which I put in a beef and bean-type stew that fooled all the omnivores at my son's recent athletic banquet.

  • Your sandwich looks phenomenal! I hope Louis C.K. would be okay with such a winning endorsement, but I'm crazy about hot stuff! 😉 I may be one of the last people in the blogosphere who has yet to try Gardein. With the coupons I'd get their buffalo wings and Chick'n Scallopini.

  • i dont like fried food and never liked buffalo wings.. but i am digging the ranch dressing and the super gorgeous slider!, and the amazing news about the 1000+ dogs rescued.. but then today saw another news about dog trading booming for the new year 🙁

  • I want to try the chik'n strips and the crispy nugget things. 🙂 I would probably make something with the strips–like a la king but I would probably just eat the nuggets dipped in BBQ sauce!

  • Beefless bits for stew or pot pie. I just bought one or two of everything our Krogers carries. So, I will be making all kinds of wonderful things.
    Crissy Englert Downey FB post

  • I am going to buy more crispy tenders, and probably make them how I think they taste best – baked in the oven and dipped in BBQ sauce!

    Also going to buy the mandarin orange crispy chick'n, then cook it with some broccoli over rice for a quick and yummy dinner.

  • Oh wow, they have new products since the last time I looked. I would love to try the Turkey Cutlet on Foccia bread with arugula, tomatoes, and roasted red bell peppers. I would also like to use the Beefless Tips to make tacos. I love seasoning them and putting them in a flour tortilla with lettuce, tomato, taco sauce, refried beans and cheese.


  • I would definitely want to try to make the Chick'n Teriyaki Sushi Roll with the Gardein scallopini, and then I'd want to attempt cooking the Pulled Shred Sliders with the Gardein bbq pulled shreds (doesn't the latter sound like perfect Super Bowl food?)… yum-o!

  • The sliders made with buffalo chick'n wings sounds great. I've never had a slider! My fav dish is Orange Mandrin Chick'n with chopped peppers & onion added to the mix and served with brown rice and carrots & broccili. I can never get enough! Unfortunately, I have to share with hubby…LOL. There are so many great meals with Gardein, I never get bored eating. Many thanks, Gardein!
    [email protected]

  • I'd love to try the sliders using the two bags of the chicken tenders. Got to feed the neighbors on Super Bowl day. Would be great to have something everyone will love…even the non-vegans.

  • My husband and I have gone meat-free recently and have been enjoying a few Gardein products.

    If I won the coupons, I would get the chipotle lime chick'n fingers and make a faux Chipotle burrito bol at home with brown rice, black beans, and veggies. I think I also would like to orange mandarin chick'n fingers and make an oriental salad with them.

    [email protected]

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