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The Top 10 Recipes of 2014

MeetTheShannonsTop102014I know. I know. By now 2015 feels like it’s always been here and the idea of typing 2104 on a form*seems like something we’d only do drunk or half-asleep… though I’m not sure why you’re filling out forms drunk but I think you get the idea**. But not that long ago 2014 was all the rage and whether it was a good year or a great year for you might be something you’re still working out. There’s no rush.

I’m going to blame that lack of urgency for why we’re just getting around to posting the most popular recipes on Meet The Shannons in 2014 today… almost 2 weeks after New Years when these posts are all the rage.

2014 was a great year for us. We finished our 2nd book that’s coming out in May 2015. It’s now available for pre-sale on Amazon if you want to check it out! We visited Hawaii and I’m proud to say I’ve stood in all 50 states in the union now! Check that off the bucket list I haven’t made yet but keep meaning to. This was also the year we had our daughter. She is adorable and smart and all things good – except for productive. She definitely has slowed down productivity around here but Que Sera Sera – I could use an excuse to spend less time online and more time watching Sesame Street while I drink my coffee in the morning. For all of you out there that I still owe emails to – well – 2015 is going to be your year! I can feel it!

2014 was also the year that Mexico joined numerous other countries around the world to ban the use of wild and exotic animals in circuses! Kentucky became the 8th state to ban those horrific veal crates anyone with half a heart knows is cruel! South Dakota became the LAST STATE to make animal cruelty a felony! That means it’s a felony in all 50 states now. That’s just some of the real progress that’s happened for animals this year. Who knows maybe next year we’ll be celebrating NYC replacing the horse carriages in Central Park or Seaworld finally closing it’s doors. Let’s dream big!

I know some of you had great years too! We’d love to hear about in the comment section if you have anything you’d like to share. I know a lot of you will want to send me an email but I am so behind on those right now that honestly I can’t promise you’ll get a response in a timely fashion… I apologize for that but I think its’s better to be honest with you all about that than to have you wait for a response that is more than just a little slow coming.

I can tell you one thing that 2015 already has going for it. This is the year we’re bringing back our monthly newsletter. You can sign up in the right hand column of our blog. We’re still offering exclusive recipes in each newsletter, product and restaurant reviews and travel tips in each issue and you will only get one sent a month. So quit your lolly-gagging and sign up today! Chop Chop!

In the spirit of anti-lolly-gagging… Here it is!

Meet The Shannon’s Top 10 Recipes of 2014

The Infamous Baked Carrot Bacon –  The post heard around the internet! Le Sigh. 


Lemon & Dill Vegan Chicken Salad – Our tribute to Norfolk’s Yorgo’s Bageldashery and our life before Brooklyn.


Moroccan Carrot Summer Soup – Apparently you guys like carrots as much as we do! To Carrots! Huzzah!


Chocolate Covered Vegan Coconut & Vanilla Bean baby Doughnuts – Bitty little vegan doughnuts! Who wouldn’t love that! (This was my favorite post in 2014)


Vegan Sausage & Spinach Pesto Lasagna Rolls – The Betty Crocker Project Represents!


Turkish Delight (DIY Vegan Gummy Candies) – Well obviously this made the list. This recipes rocks!***


Simple Sweet Potato & Sage Tarts – A late comer to 2014. Makes me wonder if it would have come in #1 had it been posted earlier in the year.


Skillet Fried Cauliflower Drummies with Texas Coleslaw – I was kinda shocked because this didn’t get a lot of shares but I guess you were all squirreling it away for yourselves.


Vegan Bacon Ranch Smashed Potatoes – Our new project The Joy of Vegan Cooking Project’s star thus far!


Vegan Buffalo Chicken Mac & Cheese – Man. If I’d only known you guys were going to fall in love with this one – I would have taken a better photo.


Needless to say I think 2015 is going to a pretty great year but looking back at 2014… well it wasn’t too shabby either!

Happy Belated New Years – You Crazy Vegans!


* I would say signing a check but does anyone even do that anymore?

**Filling out forms drunk is never a good idea. Not judging. Just throwing that out there.

***Sorry if that’s braggy.

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