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The Sweet Potato Pie You Never Got To See…


So last night something kinda oddly wonderful happened… I was on Fox News.

Now I’ve been on news shows before talking about various animal rights related issues but I’ll admit it’s been a long time. This time it all started with some jerk sauce in New Hampshire who is forcing his turkeys to drink beer so they’re more “tender” for Thanksgiving. During his clip he admitted that sometimes the beer actually kills the birds and it was all kinda laughed off as a joke. Well Peta heard about this and obviously didn’t think it was that funny. So they contacted the news show asked for equal time for vegan Thanksgiving fare. Since the show was about business and having vegan options is actually a booming trend that’s making lots and lots of money for the companies that have embraced it… well Fox agreed. A week later there I was getting my hair did in the Fox News green room.

Now I could make some jokes here about how shocked I was to see a painting of FDR amongst the uber patriotic decor or just the experience of watching Fox News talking heads watching Obama talk about healthcare when they amongst their own… but I won’t because honestly the spot went well and no matter what your politics are – you can benefit from going vegan and the animals always win when someone chooses a compassionate meal… so all snarkiness aside – YAY! Vegan Thanksgiving Spot that you can watch by clicking here and Thank You Peta for setting this spot up for me and Bruce Turkl to really show how reasonable and nice vegans are and how easy it is to have a kind holiday!

The one thing I do regret is that we never got to share this sweet potato pie! The spot wrapped too quickly but I guess it’s OK because that’s what this blog is for right?

I was going to share this recipe for our next book but ya know there are plenty of other recipes where this one came from seriously I have more inspirational outbursts of experimental cooking than I have fridge space.  I have to point out that you can make this pie without the marshmallow topping and it’s really lovely but I put one package of Sweet & Sara Marshmallows on top and made sure they got good a good brown caramel-ish glaze on them and it was heaven. HEAVEN I SAY!

So without further ado – here is the pie that never got it’s day in the spotlight but was totally enjoyed with decaf coffee in our kitchen afterwards!

Sweet Potato Pie

1 Whole Wheat Crust (you can find the recipe by clicking here)
2 Sweet Potatoes, baked
1/2 cup Coconut Milk, carton not can
1/2 cup Brown Sugar
1 1/2 teaspoon Egg Replacer, we used Beyond Eggs this time but Ener-G Egg Replacer used as a powder would also work
1 tablespoon Applesauce
2 tablespoons Whole Wheat Flour
1 package Sweet & Sara Vegan Marshmallows

Pre-heat oven to 425.

Pre-bake your crust until it is lightly browned.

Once your crust is lightly baked, remove it from the oven and reduce the heat to 350.

Scrap the orange soft center of your sweet potatoes into your favorite food processor or blender. Try to make sure you don’t get any of the skin or knots in there. Then add the remaining ingredients except marshmallows to your food processor and blend until creamy.

Using a spatula, pour your sweet potato blend into your pie crust and smooth it out into an even layer. Gently press your marshmallows into the top of your pie so they are just barley touching and most of the marshmallow is submerged into the pie. Keep in mind the marshmallows are going to grow when they bake so give ’em some room!

Put your pie into to bake for 25-30 minutes. If your marshmallows aren’t as roasted as you’d like – turn on your broiler and give them a 30 seconds to get that campfire singe.

There was only one more step left – Enjoy with someone you love!

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