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The Family Album : The Urban Housewife

Melisser lives in Europe so her ingredients look cooler than mine.
Al Franken once said “We have to fight back but we can’t fight like they do…(Their effectiveness) comes from their willingness to lie and distort. Ours will have to come from being funny and attractive!” I often think about this line when I’m imagining how a rag tag bunch of compassionate people with good intentions stand a chance of making the world a better place for animals. For this Family Album segment, Melisser Elliott A.K.A The Urban Housewife made The Betty Crocker Project Oven Pancake and it looks OH so good! Over the past few months I have the privilege of getting to know an activist who I think is pretty much all Al was talking about and a bag of chips. Melisser Elliott A.K.A The Urban Housewife has been making the world a beautiful place for years with everything from recipes, cruelty-free make-up tips to travel and restaurant guides.  She’s taken all her years of kind-living and written a pretty awesome book titled The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life that not expands on her webprojects and so much more… If you’re lucky enough to live on the East Coast – you’re going to want to swing by and check out one of these events from her book tour and pick up one of these books for yourself! I can’t wait to get my copy! OX – Annie
When you look at the vast selection of dishes on Meet the Shannons,
it’s impressive. So impressive that when I was faced with a million
veganized Betty Crocker dishes I could test out, I was shell shocked
and had one hell of a choice to make. After digging through tons of
options, what did I choose? PANCAKE. Yes, I said pancake. You see, I
was so intrigued by the oven baked pancake and it had easy to gather
ingredients in my new home of Vienna, so I went for it.This dish come together very easily and you start to wonder, is this
going to work? The good news is, it does! One minute you’re baking
some batter in a Pyrex pan and 20 minutes later you have a big ol’
pancake to split with friends (or not). It would be a great thing to
make while you’re working on a stove top tofu scramble or other dish.
One thing I noted was the lack of sugar in the batter, so I was sure
to top mine with lots of maple syrup and jam, despite the berry and
powdered sugar suggestion. What can I say? I’m a rebel.

Anyway, get out there and make yourself a big, buttery, spongy oven
pancake. What have you got to lose?

3 thoughts on “The Family Album : The Urban Housewife”

  • The vegan girls guide link goes to an ad link site. The Urban housewife link goes to a site run by someone named Birdy who lives in Brooklyn and the recipes, cruelty-free make-up tips and travel and restaurant guides links all go to error pages. I found the correct Urban Housewife blog and am enjoying it :~)

    • Thanks for letting me know! We’re in the process of completely moving our blog over from and I was going through last night fixing broken links. I’m not sure why this post was sent out again (it’s from 2010) but I’m working on updating these posts now.

      So sorry you were sent this old post.

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