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The Danannie Wedding

It has only been a few weeks and though they say things don’t really change all that much after you get married . . . things are different . . . just the slightest bit better.

Not to brag or anything – BUT we had a pretty beautiful wedding that was actually fun and full of dancing, wine, lots of flowers, gnocchi, Tofurky, tattoos, smooth suits and cupcakes and it had a distinct lack of drama or real mishap. There was no unwanted crashers and just a slight threat of rain. And although we didn’t have any of the hilarious disasters or heartbreaking mishaps that are so common amongst wedding themed cinema – At one point during the reception – I said to P.T. “I feel like this is the end of a movie. All these old friends from all over the world coming together on this one weekend and now we are all dancing and hugging . . . I feel like any minute now – we’re ready for the camera to pull away into the credits . . . I’m ready for our happy ending now.”

Or was it just the beginning. . . . DUHDUHDUH!

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