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The Betty Crocker Project + My Favorite Souvenir from LA = Peach & Plum Salad

One of the highlights of our latest trip to Los Angeles was getting to visit one of the numerous farmer’s markets on Sunday with my friend and fellow food writer, Anjali. If you’ve never been to a LA Farmer’s Market, it really is a vegetable-lover and healthy-adorable-family mecca. Everywhere you look, signs say “Organic.” People are smiling and carrying babies in Moby Wraps. Large, beautiful avocados for $1, homemade soaps, and baskets of colorful fruit. I’m not ashamed to admit it: I can’t wait to live there!

My very favorite souvenir from our trip came from this market: adorable little jars of sugar-free Pomegranate jam from The Sherrill Orchards booth. I had planned on using this jam to combine 2 of my very favorite things: pomegranates & toast (the perfect fruit and the perfect vehicle for delicious sauces and spreads). But when I came home and started up this Betty Crockery again, I found a recipe that was waiting for the prefect jam* to come around. If you’re following around in your own Betty Big Red, you may be confused, because this recipe is already vegan and I still changed it. What can I say? I can’t help myself.

Peach & Plum Salad, here we come!

Peach & Plum Salad

3 Plums (sliced)
3 Peaches (sliced)
1/2 cup Walnuts (crushed)
1/4 cup Your Favorite Jam (pomegranate or raspberry or even apple butter)
1 Tablespoons Apple Juice
1 Tablespoon Lime Juice
1 Tablespoon Olive Oil

In a large bowl, mix Plums, Peaches and Walnuts with salad tongs. In a small bowl, mix all remaining ingredients with a whisk and drizzle over the top of the fruit. Then toss the fruit and dressing.

*You don’t need pomegranate jam to make this recipe, but you do need a good jam; not too much sugar. It also requires some fresh, firm peaches and plums. Good thing those are easy to find this time of year… at least at Trader Joes. Look at how pretty these little guys are!

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