The Betty Birthday Contest Results!

It was really close. I considered the suggestion to make a bunch of little cakes but I have this antique cut glass cake stand from the 40s I just bought at an antique mall and I’m pretty much dying to give it a spin.Sometimes I can’t believe the things I admit to you all.

Well, enough chatter, here’s our results!

I will be celebrating my 35th birthday with a Peanut  Butter cake with Chocolate Buttercream Frosting! But don’t worry – there was such a response to this we’ve decide to make this The Summer of The Betty Cake Gods! We’ll try to bake the other cakes at least every other week and maybe throw a few pies in there as well. Please check back often to see your vote get veganized! ( Every time I write that – I think of those Jazzercise infomercials from when I was a little eater. I feel a little butt-shaking-jumping-jack-dancey-thing kick in and a desire to wear legwarmers. Boom – Chicca.) Photos and the recipe will be posted tomorrow! 

We randomly picked our winner from a very lucky Red Sox cap and am happy to announce : The winner of our first contest was V! We’ll be getting those cups and gift card to you ASAP!

If you didn’t win this time – don’t worry – we have more contests coming up.

Before I forget, we have launched The Meet The Shannons Store. If you were one of the folks who requested a shirt, we have a bunch to choose from in organic cotton or bamboo or whatever. There are American Apparel ones and some others items too – like aprons, scarves and even organic cotton baby bibs. $3 to $5 of every purchase goes to The Betty Crocker Project. We tried to make the store as ethical as possible so please no hating. . .  and spread the word!

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