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Special Edition: Vegans on Valentine’s Day

Happy. Healthy. Life.’s Kathy Patalsky’s LOVE-ly Chocolate Pom Raspberry Pudding!

Only one week left till Valentine’s day. If you’re like me, you had your presents and plans worked out about a month ago. You’ve also prepared yourself for those plans not working out and have plans B and C in place. But I’ve learned that many of you out there actually aren’t like me, and are still searching for that perfect something to make sure their partners feel loved, or maybe just to show a little “self-love” this year. That’s why we asked some of the coolest vegans we know to share their romantic plans! Hopefully it might help you find the inspiration you’re looking for. So without further ado… here are some Vegans on Valentine’s Day!

The Laziest Vegans in the World‘s John McDevitt and his Post Punk Kitchen & Cookbook Rockstar partner Isa Moskowitz have been pretty busy lately making Omaha, Nebraska into a vegan Mecca. So this year, their plans include kicking back and catching up on their favorite cooking shows, especially Chopped. For dinner, John’s going to make Tofu Balls and Pasta, which is an old Moskowitz family recipe. According to John, any vegan can make these Tofu Balls, even a lazy one! We’re excited to try them out. After all that excitement, they’ll listen to some music and play some board games. To quote John : “We live large like senior citizens!” Sounds like they’re living the dream to us!

Valentine Comfort Loaf
Photo Credit: Robin Robertson

I think we all must have at least one of Robin Robertson‘s numerous cookbooks. I know personally we love her Vegetarian Meat & Potatoes Cookbook. That woman knows her way around a mushroom! On her blog Vegan Planet, she’s planning to do a “Hearts Afire” Valentine Menu–all heart-shaped spicy food. She’s including: a Jalapeno-Studded Comfort Loaf made in a heart-shaped pan and topped with chipotle ketchup; heart-shaped spicy roasted vegetables; a heart-beet salad (with a spicy dressing); and for dessert, a special “Hearts Afire” Chocolate Cheesecake with Hot Red Pepper Jelly! She’s also doing a special giveaway of her book, Vegan Fire and Spice on Tuesday Feb. 8th! Um- YAY! (PS- we love chipotle ketchup!)

SaraHeartLGSara Sohn from the famous vegan marshmallow company Sweet & Sara is still debating what to do; but it if they dine out, it’ll be Candle 79. In case you’ve never been, we agree with Sara that the food is perfection. This year, their V-Day dessert will be chocolate fondue using Sweet & Sara mallows. Should they stay in, the plan is totally simple but super delicious: chocolate dipped strawberries and a hand packed pint of Lula’s vegan ice cream with Soyatoo whip. They’ve been busy over at Sweet & Sara sending and giving out a bunch of Heart Mallows as gifts… Still looking for a gift? Plenty of ideas here!

Some of you know Kathy Patalsky from her blog Happy. Healthy. Life. or maybe you know her from her epic food porn site Finding Vegan. Either way we all know that when Kathy’s involved, so is hardcore awesome vegan food. This year, Kathy will be making one of her favorite Valentine’s Day dessert recipes: her LOVE-ly Chocolate Pom Raspberry Pudding! For dinner, Kathy and her husband have pre-V-Day weekend plans to dine at Dirt Candy in NYC. For chocolates, she’s going to swing by Cocoa V and pick out a few amazing vegan truffles!

The always clever author of The Vegan Girl’s Guide to Life Melisser Elliot is treating herself to a trip to the gorgeous city of Milan, Italy! Yes, this single gal is planning to getaway to partake in sights, read books in cafes, and eat granita! Her trip actually starts today. She plans on wandering across Italy and meeting up with vegan friends along the way. (Yes, we are dying of jealousy back here in cloudy old Virginia.) If you’re looking for some cruelty-free beauty tips for your big night out, be sure and check out Cruelty-Free Face! She has tips ranging from products to check out to how to have long lasting lips… valuable information for a holiday that can involve a lot of kissing.

Photo Credit :

Over on the West Coast, has the inside track to everything vegan! Making us even more excited about the impeding move to LA, she tipped us off to a few restaurants offering vegan meals for Valentine’s Day, and she’s going to spend the romantic evening at our favorite one of all, Madeleine Bistro. They’re offering an extravagant 7-course tasting menu, which will include pan roasted seitan, vegan fondue, and an array of chocolate desserts for $125 per person. Click here to see the menu. We’ve experienced Madeleine Bistro tasting menus before, and have never been disappointed! I highly suggest that everyone check this out.

Photo Credit : Sarah Posey

Not to brag, but when it comes to potlucks around here – PETA’s Vegan College Cookbook author Marta Holmberg and I bring it! This girl can cook some mean Mexican food, and has the creative spark that makes a great cook. This year, Marta and her fiance’ and PETA co-worker Scott Brewer are taking it easy. They’re saving money for their wedding and moving to Los Angeles. So this year, they’re skipping presents and just treating themselves to a romantic vegan dinner of Gardein Chicken Marsala and Tiramisu at La Bella’s in Ghent.
In a town full of vegans like Norfolk, this has to be one of the best date night spots in the city… who knows, maybe we’ll see them there!

Vegan Good Things author Leinana Two Moons is always a great source of adorable veganess! This year she’s decided to cook her honey a V-Day menu at home. They usually go to Blossom for date nights, but this year she’s mixing it up–though she is still planing a stop by Cocoa V for some of their chocolates! (Please note this the 2nd mention of these chocolates. I really must try them next time I’m in the city!)
Leinana was sweet enough to share her special menu with us:

  • Two-Hearts Salad (artichoke hearts & hearts of palm in salad with vinaigrette)
  • Pasta with Asparagus in Lemon Cream Sauce – recipe from Melisser Elliot of Urban Housewife (asparagus, because it’s supposed to be an aphrodisiac!)
  • And for dessert, a raw strawberry cheesecake, because strawberries are also supposed to be good for the lovin’!

Besides the fact that it sounds like my dream salad, we think this menu sounds just lovely!

Photo Credit : Veg St. Louis

Allison Burgess, president of Match Vegan Meats, is finding herself torn between two pretty delicious date night plans. Her husband is not vegan (yet), but has fallen in love with a wonderful MATCH chicken enchilada dish at one of their favorite restaurants, Schlafley Bottleworks, in St.Louis. He’s also falling for Match’s new Beef Wellington with a Sherry Demi-Glace sauce that will be launching this spring. So either way – go out, stay home – they’ll be celebrating vegan style! Apparently they have a lot of vegan opions on the menu of Schlafley Boottleworks. In the photo is their Hummus Appetizer plate featured on Veg St. Louis.

Stay tuned folks to hear more about what we have planned…

6 thoughts on “Special Edition: Vegans on Valentine’s Day”

  • I third (and fourth and fifth) the instruction that all vegans* in the NYC area make their way to Cocoa V. Delicious chocolates, fabulous wines, and the best vegan hot chocolate in the world. Seriously. Try to disagree. 😉

    *and non-vegans, too: I've taken many of my carniverous (and lacto-ovo) friends there and they've all fallen in love with it. Chocolate, wine…what's not to love?

  • fun post! don't be too jealous, but The Carnal Vegan and her Mr. and me and my Mr. are going to have a dinner party together! I've been gone for 6 weeks, and we wanted to get together for dinner, and then realized we had made plans for Valentines Day! So we're going to embrace it (no pun intended) and celebrate our love for friendship and our love for our boyfriends. fun!

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