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Special Edition: Vegan Savory Asparagus Crepes with Easy Hollandaise Sauce

IMG_5262 - Version 3

Of all the wonderful people I’ve gotten to know over the decades I’ve spent in the Animal Rights Movement – the charming and dedicated ladies over at Our Hen House are two of my favorites. So you can imagine how honored I was to be invited to do a guest post for them. They asked me to share something I have learned over the years of international campaigning, cruelty -case work and just being a veagn in this not so animal-friendly world and one of my favorite recipes right now.

I immediately thought back to the night before I left to work at Peta. It’s been almost 10 years since that night but sometimes it feels like it was just a few hours ago. There’s been a lot that’s happened between now and then – not  just in my life in the world of animal advocacy. Think of all the vegan products available in main street grocery stores these days. Vegan mock meat options like Beyond Meat are now available at Tropical Smoothies all over the country. Chipotle now offers tofu burritos. Activists aren’t the only ones who see value in undercover investigations at slaughterhouse and factory farms anymore. Ag Gag laws are coming and going as more and more people demand to know what happening behind closed doors. Yes – I know – KFC is still up to no good and Ringling Brothers hasn’t hung up their bullhooks yet… but maybe someday.

Please take a minute to read my post, show a little love and make plans to make these crepes – which really are one of my favorite new recipes. I can’t get enough of ’em.


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