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Health & Beauty

When I went vegan I was on the verge of teenager-dom. I had started to truly believe in two old sayings: “Actions speak loader than words.” & “It’s better to be pretty on the inside.”

I grew up with an extremely brand loyal and attractive mother. Every product in our bathroom was Neutrogena, Pantene and Revlon and she knew how to use them to create that polished perfection so popular in the 80s when I was kid. So when I decided to adopt a cruelty-free lifestyle, I had a tiny crisis. See all those products I had grown up with were tested on animals. I felt both guilt for all those years I had spent using and liking the products from my childhood but I was also excited to create my own cruelty-free beauty routine.  So began my exhausting and expensive journey to find my own products and brands to help me become – well the woman I am today.

It’s one of those things most people never think about as being a step towards adulthood but when you think about how much thought and money we put into picking just the right fragrance or color for our beauty and hygiene products… is it crazy to think that what we have in our bathroom says something about who we are?

bunny approvedSo we’re going to be posting some of our favorite bunny approved products and have invited some of our favorite vegans to share as well. We also have at the bottom resources to help you find health & beauty products that aren’t tested on animals in your area as well as links to pages that can help explain why it’s important to buy cruelty-free. We hope this section will not only improve your life by showcasing some of the funner aspects of taking a cruelty-free life beyond the kitchen and also help anyone still searching for more compassionate alternatives to an animal-tested product they’ve become dependent on. For the more vegan veterans – we hope this section gives you ideas on ways to maybe stream-line or doll-up your morning routine or better yet treat yourself to spa day staycation. Mostly we just wanted to share some of the amazing and animal-friendly products out there that make vegans beautiful on the inside and out!

The Products

Check out these pages to find out more resources on how to have a kinder beauty routine as well as why!

Shopping Guides
Why Cruelty-Free Matters


Also be sure and check out our Look Book for more suggestions!


Please email us at if you have a cruelty-free Health & Beauty product that you would like us to review.

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