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Every blog that starts organically with the single mission to merely share what we love (being vegan nerds) can lack a little professional polish. It can be hard to categorize and tag just right to create the well olive-oiled machines some come to expect. So we’ve created this ‘junk drawer’ section for lack of a better term.

If you’re looking for product and restaurant reviews – we got ’em!

Looking to flex your online activist muscles? Here’s a page that talks up some of our favorite do-gooders!

Wondering what to make with that rogue ingredient loitering in your fridge? Our Pantry page has links to recipes that feature some of our favorite food stuff.

Want to see what reading, playing or watching (ya know – basic nerdery)? We have a page for that too!

There are other sections that are all about our books, travels and upcoming events but the random and wonderful stuff that’ll help you find just the right recipe out if the hundreds on here or hopefully inspire you to start your own Star Trek marathon  – well that’s what you’ll find here.

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