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Holy Tofu Scramble Batman! 500 Vegans!

A wiseman once said “Life moves pretty fast – if you don’t stop and look around once and awhile you could miss it.”

I wanted to do something special when we hit our first 500 Followers, but it just happened before I came up with any real viable plan. I mean the last plan, which I was going to call Operation Land Shark, involved traveling the countryside delivering Candy Grams with a guitar all one-woman-band-style, but that idea may have to wait till we hit 1,000. I need to save up the vacation time and I have no idea how to play a guitar.

Until then this post goes out to the first 500 Followers of Meet The Shannons – a little blog that dared to ask the question : Can Betty Crocker’s Big Red be Veganized?

You guys rock. This one’s for you! Danke Schoen!

PS – Whenever I watch this I love the dancing construction worker. He’s totally shaking what he got.

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