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Herbivore Meets The Shannons Contest!

It’s been almost a year since Dan and I invited a handful of friends and family to Lynch Park to witness us make a public, lifelong commitment to each other. I could rattle on about the how the dresses, shoes, ties, suits, whatever were all cruelty-free. No wool or silk in anything, and my dress was second hand. I made my veil myself, to look like one I saw Sophia Loren in. I also won’t bore you with the details that went into flowers and wine bottle centerpieces. I won’t brag too much about the spreadsheets and budgeting and other nerdotechnics* that went into planning a wedding in Massachusetts from Virginia. I’ll also skip over how excited I was to marry my best friend, and how much fun we had dancing at the wedding to old school Chuck Berry and rockabilly music. You probably don’t even want to hear about how our buddy Josh Hooten over at Herbivore Clothing designed the best wedding invitations ever for us. You guys aren’t here for any of that.

What you want to know is how you can win a $25 Gift Certificate and a stash of buttons and stickersfrom Herbivore Clothing**. I know how you guys think.

So here’s the contest! Our wedding had exceptional food – I mean really good stuff. Since Dan and I are both half Italian, the food at our reception was a 100%-vegan take on classic Italian dishes. Some the dishes were a bit harder to make than others, but they are all worthy recipes to add to a vegan resume. So please VOTE below in a comment for which menu item from our wedding reception you want to see featured as a Meet The Shannons recipe. We’ll randomly choose one follower (sorry to be so strict, but we have to have a way to contact you) to win a $25 Gift Certificate and some awesome stickers and buttons from Herbivore.
We’ll announce the winner and recipe on Monday, August 2nd.

Here are the contenders:

So let’s get this vote on!

*Yeah that is a made up word.
**We were trying to think of a prize that we’d want to win, and this was at the top of the list. I mean, besides the clothes, there’s a wide variety of cookbooks and other cool stuff you can get from Herbivore. You want to win this.

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