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Did you know that January is Soup Month?

It might be too hot to eat yet – but a grrl’s gotta try!
So I’ve been posting a lot of soup recipes lately, and realized that I might have forgotten to tell you all that January is Soup Month. OK, I did forget. I do that sometimes. If you know me in person you know – I’m in my head a lot. Maybe too much. I’m shy is all. I’m one of those “socially awkward” people who’s often 4 sentences too far into a conversation for some folks to really get how wonderful what I’m saying really is, or halfway through the joke before I start telling it. Sometimes I can’t even type fast enough to keep up with myself. So I might have forgotten to mention that on the day I found out January was Soup Month, it seemed like destiny was winking at me from across the party. My handsome and wonderful Dan got me a big beautiful slow cooker for Christmas, and I want to use it everyday to make everything. We eat a lot of soup around here. Not just soup – we eat really good soup. I know I’m not being humble, but I have so few talents, I feel OK celebrating this one.
When I first went vegan, one of my only concerns was what would I do with only cans of tomato soup to keep me warm. But we live in a different world now. Now vegans can have any kind of soup you can dream of. So in celebration of Soup Month here is a list of soups in no particular order that you can enjoy before it’s too late… It’ll be February before you know it. I want to make a joke about “outlaw soups” here, but it’s back to that ‘I’m kinda a weirdo’ thing and I might be the only one who thinks that would be funny.

Happy Soup Month!

4 thoughts on “Did you know that January is Soup Month?”

  • I love it when your blog posts are more personal. I love the food but I admit you are a bit of a character but that's what I love about Meet The Shannons. You're like a character from a movie that I visit every day and eat vegan food with.

  • You wanna know what I think is “weirdo”? The coolest person I know of and who writes my very favorite blog thinks she's a weirdo. I think I speak for everyone when I say “We forgive you for not telling us it was Soup Month”.

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