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Coconut & Chia Seed Macaroons



OK so I missed the big St.Patrick’s day post but the good news is that there will other St.Patrick’s days out there and we got the jump on Easter and Passover. Now it’s a well documented fact that I love Passover. Just love it. But I also love Easter too. 

See half of my family is pretty Catholic and so I’m no stranger to those chocolate bunnies and hidden eggs and Dan grew up in a Catholic Easter house too. I also have a special place in my tender heart for rabbits. I just love them with their strange long ears and cottontails. I mean how can you not love them? Still not sold? maybe you haven’t met Oolong* – a sweet little Japanese rabbit who was deeply loved and an internet sensation in the early 2000s. The thing is that even though I love those bunnies – we’re a Passover Seder house. But this is where this recipe comes in.

See coconut macaroons are one of those recipes that crosses that line between Easter and Passover. It’s a little cookie that shows up Jews and gentiles alike stuff their faces with every Springtime. I kinda love that.

I also love that this recipe uses chia seeds (which most agree are Kosher for Passover) to replace the eggs. If you haven’t heard Chia Seeds are kinda a comeback kid. They were once just an obscure item in some health food stores and seen to the majority of Americans as the key ingredient to Chia pets but these days you can find them in almost any grocery store. They’re good for vegans because they include that  Omega-3 oil but I think most of America has opened their hearts to this sweet little seed because of the weight loss claims but who cares? I mean really. They’re way better for you and kinder for animals than eggs and super easy to use.

Now we used organic chia seeds in our recipe testing – which gives the cookies a little bit of a Dalmatian look with little black spots but you can use white chia seeds to get those snowy little mounds we’ve come to know macaroons for.

So if you’re vegan because you love animals or trying to improve your health – if you’re celebrating Easter or Passover – if you just love coconut and cookies – this is your cookie.

Coconut & Chia Seed Macaroons

1 Can Coconut Milk
2 Tablespoons Chia Seeds
1 Tablespoon Warm Water
1/3 Cup Powdered Sugar
4 Tablespoons Coconut Flour
1 14oz Bag Shredded Raw Unsweetened Coconut


Heat oven to 375.

Ground up your Chia Seeds in a coffee grinder or mortar and pestle. Then mix on a small bowl with the warm water.

In a large bowl, whisk together Chia Seeds, Coconut Milk, Powdered Sugar and Coconut Flour until creamy. Then mix in the shredded coconut with a large spoon.

Line a cookie sheet with parchment paper. Form loose forming balls a little smaller than your palm and place them on the cookie sheet about an inch and half apart. You want some little bits of coconut poking out here and there to get those little golden roasted tips.

Let bake for 20-25 minutes or until your macaroons are golden. Move your cookies while on the parchment paper to a wire rack and let them cool completely before eating. They’ll be really soft right out of the oven but they’ll get firmer. They won’t be as firm as the store bought macaroons – because well they’re home made and not full of crap… but they’re freaking delicious… I mean just fabulous. I love them.

*If you’re debating clicking on that link – Spoiler Alert: Oolong travels all over Asia and balances stuff on his head. Yes. Oolong is the best.

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