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Brooklyn Brine – NY Deli Pickles


About a year ago I was first introduced to one of Brooklyn’s finest creations. Now that’s saying a lot. Brooklyn is home to some impressive micro-brews, fashion designers and of course garlic knots… but it’s also pretty famous for one of my personal favorite things in the whole world: Pickles.

Now this isn’t news. I’ve deep fried ’em and used them to make potato chips and vegan corned beef. I’ve even made my own. Last year I went to NY’s First Annual Pickle Palooza and met a few artisan pickle celebrities that made me proud to be from this side of the bridge. Nestled in the corner of the darkest room was The Brooklyn Brine booth with a wide variety of small batch pickles that ranged from the everyday to the every-which-way and the two owners who I still remember as being hilarious. Artisanal pickles can sadly be prone to being too vinegary or over reaching with overdoses of Sriracha* or randomness but so far I have yet to find a Brooklyn Brine product I didn’t love. These days you also have to watch out for crap like bacon being tossed in to appeal to the most unoriginal hipsters. I can still remember when I asked the owners which samples on their table were vegan – they laughed and said “These are pickles.” and when I shrugged and motioned to the neighboring table that had a “pulled pork” pickled thing – the woman nodded and said “Oh. Yeah we’re not douche bags.”

They won me over that  day.

Besides the fact their products aren’t made by jerks – I love that Brooklyn Brine pickles are vegan, keep their firm crunch and they’re flavor isn’t muddled with ambitious attempts to reinvent this Brooklyn icon. I love that I can read and understand the ingredients on the label. They have a wide variety of products that range from the common deli pickle to pickled Moroccan green beans and chipotle carrots. I love that in a world like mine – being a food blogger in Brooklyn – that has the privilege of being flooded in vegan artisanal products… getting a jar of Brooklyn Brine pickles still gives me a thrill. They’re a great way to treat yourself without automatically resorting straight to baked goods and sugar.

IMG_5465 - Version 2

Right now it looks like Brooklyn Brine products are mostly available  in Whole Foods, Fresh Market. Bevmo, Total Wine, and William-Sonoma locations and some speciality shops in 5 countries and  the you can order them via their website in cases. If you want to know if you can find these glorious pickles in your area – click here. Also – if you have a friend with a store or restaurant you may want to pass this link on. You can also always take a minute to talk to someone at your local co-op or Whole Foods about stocking them.

You don’t have to live in Brooklyn to enjoy the best from the little borough we call home.

*I know that doesn’t seem possible but go pour yourself a shot and we’ll talk.

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