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When Dan and I first met, we were traveling campaigners for People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals. Both of us were rarely in the office and traveled around the US and sometimes the world doing what we could to raise awareness for animals were being mistreated by fast food companies and circuses. Not unlike those stories of war correspondents in Spain in the 1930s, all of us campaigners would go out during the week to fight the good fight and return on the weekends to drink too much on patios and share anecdotes from the road. I like to remember those Saturday nights as a modren day reincarnation of Hemingway and Gellhorn… with less scotch and perhaps more bickering. These days, we travel more for fun and visit more exotic locations. You can see the photos of where we’ve been, what we ate while we were there and links to what recipes we’ve veganized from cookbooks we collected on our travels on The Postcards Page.

You can find photos and write ups of vegan friendly eateries all over the world on our Restaurants page as well as links to vegan city guides for some of our favorite places.

If you have an online vegan guide you’d like to share – please send us an email : [email protected]


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