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A Scene from A Marriage – Part 2


Names have been changed to protect the innocent. Click here for Part 1.

Scene 2 : The Shannon kitchen. 2 Shannons hanging out and drinking coffee. 

Shannon A : We just cleaned the apartment the other day. Why is there already stuff to clean up again?

Shannon B : We have to clean everyday. It’s a vicious cycle. You live in the apartment. Then you clean the apartment and it starts all over. Life is messy.

Shannon A : I know but…

Shannon B : (cutting off Shannon A) No but… that’s the world we live in. Nothing can be done.

Shannon A : (shakes finger at refrigerator in a scolding manner) Bad! Bad Apartment!

Shannon B : (looks up from coffee mug) House training?

Shannon A : (smirks) Yeah.

Shannon B : (Marge Simpson grumble and then sips coffee)

End Scene. 

Note : In a world without magic the only hope is standing up to tyranny. 

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