Artichoke & Red Bean Étouffée


*Spoiler Alert: If you haven’t been watching True Blood all these years you probably don’t want to click on the links below… they also include curse words and weird sex stuff which might be the two least shocking things that have happened on True Blood over the years. We DO recommend you click on the links to the lemonade and hushpuppies – which will take you to those recipes which are lovely and delicious. If you have been watching True Blood- I recommend you check out io9′s write up of the finale. SERIOUSLY SO FUNNY. You might even want to go back and read some of the past write ups as well. I highly recommend reading the ones for the Billith season

Le Sigh. So Sunday night we said good bye to True Blood or “True Dumb” as we’ve come to call it around our home.

I admit it was time. This show that had held such promise – Great characters. Great location. Great premise. Vampires AND werewolves… got lost in the supernatural weeds and became focused on a love story that was all talk, weird sex and grand gestures and very little of the stuff that really makes love great… laughter and the comfortable warm glow that comes with real companionship mixed with chemistry. Nope… just lots of fairy strip clubs and suitors vying for the favor of our Miss. Stackhouse. Yet Dan and I loyally watched every summer for 7 YEARS!

Dan says we watched because we’re completionists. There might be something to that. I won’t argue I don’t get a thrill from seeing thing through to the end… even Vampire TV shows. But I think there is something more here.

I know I saw it through to the end because I actually was sincerely curious – cared if you want to use the term – what happened to Pam and Eric. Mostly Pam – she was the best. They were bad-ass characters that had the best lines and were everything I wanted two vampires stuck in the muck that became Bon Temps to be. I ‘m almost a little sad to see them go. I mean Jessica and Hoyt were cute and all but they weren’t worth suffering through Bill’s multiple personalities every Sunday night. Sorry Hoyt.


Hoyt giggles are cute though.

So in honor of the most excellent Pam and Eric… and I guess Hoyt Giggles…. we made a little Louisiana Creole feast to say farewell.


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