Saying Good Bye to My Number One.

You know when you bring them into your life that it'll end like this. That cats and dogs don't live as long as humans and that it would take an honest-to-God miracle for them to make to the old folks home with you. But you bring them into your home anyways. You make them your family. Yesterday … Continue reading

Adventures in Eggplant Bacon

Sometimes you get a cold and sometimes a cold gets you. If you don't know what I mean by that - I hope you never do. But yeah I think the stress of the book coming out next week, having a little baby and ya know life caught up with me. When you get sick like once a year - it seems bad when it … Continue reading

Vegan Beer & Cheddar Bread

So I've been on a baking kick lately. Maybe it's because I know summer will be here soon and I want to use my oven as much as possible before the infamous heat dome lowers onto New York City. Maybe it's because I love bread. I had this whole post planned for today about how being a mom presents … Continue reading