Chocolate Covered Vegan Coconut & Vanilla Bean Baby Doughnuts and an Open letter to Sylvester Stallone


Today’s post is kinda long. You can always just skip to the recipe at the end if you’re just here for the food.

So it’s been over a month since we’ve posted but I swear we have a good excuse. If we’re friends on Facebook or Instagram you probably know already that our daughter Sadie is here*!

The weeks leading up to her arrival were not easy ones and there have been a few posts about our baby shower, new products we’ve discovered and getting the nursery ready that just haven’t made it to the final stage of being published. But today’s post isn’t about any of that or various Sadie saturated content and not just because our friend Keith teased us that we would become a “mommy only blog” once Sadie came… today’s post combines the awesomeness of real bourbon soaked vanilla beans, one of the world’s most perfect food: Doughnuts and some thoughts I had while feeding our newborn daughter for one of America’s favorite action stars: Sylvester Stallone.

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